All comments are written by fans after the shows.

Jack McNeil
Jorgos the Magician was excellent. His act was original and pure genius. I have seen David Copperfield three times and he does not compare to the talent of Jorgos. Thank you for providing this exceptional entertainment.

Michael Viatenti
Jorgos and Heidi are entertaining and funny. Their act made the 'Elements show'. We hope to see them again. Their names should be added to the list of David Copperfield, Siegfried + Roy and Chris Angel.

Karen Kirk
A number of years ago I saw David Copperfield perform in Las Vegas. The magic show on Monday was even better than David Copperfields show. You have top notch entertainment especially the magician Jorgos.

Jim Quinlan
He has been the best performer I have seen in years. Of all the shows he performed on the Spirit I went to them all, I would say that he even out performs David Copperfield, who I've seen many times

Kyriaki + Chrisostomos Antoniou
We enjoyed the magic show of Jorgos we love him. I hope we see him again.

Brian Reed
Seeing Jorgos and his Assistant and their shows was truly a highlight of the cruise. His shows were spectacular and an unexpected treat. It was my 8yrs old sons favorite part of the cruise. We purchased one of Jorgos's magic kits and he spent the rest of the cruise performing tricks for us.
He made my son feel very special when we got to speak to him as well. Jorgos and his Assistants part of 'Elements' was Spectacular. That show rivalled any I have seen in Vegas.

Donna Hunterton
I actually did not want to go to 'another Magic Show' on a cruise ship, but I did! and I was GLAD that I did so! Jorgos's comedy style is what brought this show to a higher level. He was able to read his audience and was highly entertaining. He had me laughing out loud! What great fun!

Enrico Catapano + Louise
The Magic Show was the best we ever saw over the years. The audience didn't make a sound during the entire performance as we did not know what would happen from one minute to the next. Jorgos my friends, relatives, and myself salute you, for a great show.

Kim Quinlan
Jorgos is the best I have seen, he is amazing. I was speechless and amazed. We went to every show and I highly recommend Jorgos for great entertainment.

Ken Klucsor
I am a fan of magic shows and Magicians. Jorgos is just fantastic. I have seen many Magicians, and he is one of the best. He and his Assistant provide one of the best and most varied magic shows I have ever seen. He is a terrific magician and also an entertainer and he is also quite humorous.

Christine and Vladimir Petruniw
Jorgos and his assistant were truly amazing! His magic shows were unbelievable! We were both privileged to be able to see him in person. I was so impressed with all his close up magic tricks that I bought both of his DVDs! The magic acts Jorgos and his assistant performed during the 'Elements' show were truly fantastic! Hopefully we can enjoy them on future cruises, and until then we can enjoy them on video.

Jo and Bob Lied
Very skilled in his magic on stage and up close and personal. He works well with his audience, is very entertaining. We recommend that he continues to cruise with NCL.

Kurt Legner
I lost my camera in the sand on the beach while on a Norwegian Spirit shore excursion in Tortola. It had over 700 pictures, 3 years of photos on the memory card that really meant a lot to me. Jorgos the Magician found my camera and looked at the last photos I took of Norwegian Spirit and Tortola and brought my camera back onto the ship and found me himself out of 2000 other passengers and gave me my camera back! He wouldn't even let me buy him dinner on the ship he said he was happy to see the look on my face getting my camera back. He is the best! A real Magician!

Mrs Day Haile
Their performance of magic is incredible, and so well performed, you watch in wonder and amazement. Number 1 show, Number 1 performance in their show, personality, skills, and appearance. Most enjoyable.

Sal Capirchio
I've been fortunate to see many Master Magicians, Jorgos's style, stage presence, showmanship and magic rivalled them all!
He really knew how to capture the audience attention and entertain. A fabulous show!

Nancy Blum
Highly Entertaining. Good stage presence and also his close up is funny and informative. A great time was had be all!! Loved 'Elements'!!

Manli Kocmich
I was so honoured to be chosen to be a part of Jorgos's program. It was my 15 minutes of fame. I asked if i could get a copy of the performance and he and your staff provided one that I will treasure. Thank you so much and I wish you the very best!!

Ms Wendy
Mr Jorgos is a Star and deserves an award for 1st place in my book. His performance is funny, witty, and I can tell he loves what he does. Thank you Mr Jorgos.

Loury Griffon
I had the good fortune not to miss any of the shows presented in the Stardust Theatre. Usually either 7.15 or 9.15pm and on Saturday I caught both shows. I just loved the magic and illusions of Mr Jorgos. He is incredible!! He was my favourite!! I I would love to see him perform again in the near future. I wish Jorgos and Heidi all the best for many years to come.

Stanley Goodman
Jorgos put on a number of very entertaining performances, His ability to grab and hold the crowds attention demonstrates both his talent and showmanship. As well, using a finely tuned sense of humour he plays the audience like a violin.

Chris and Julie Love
He took time to work with our son on some tricks with the magic card set he had purchased. Since there was an illness outbreak all group activities had been cancelled but he made a moment and made our sons vacation! Thanks!

Radlike Muralidhaven
Great Magic. Very friendly. His shows were very nice, loved his performance.

Mary and Robert Nelle
Loved his shows, the best I've seen.

Ms. Wendy
His magic is well worth watching the show. He is just amazing. One of the best entertainers I've seen.

Robert Spellmann
I was enthralled by the tricks performed by Jorgos and his assistant. I hope he performs again on a cruise.

Edith Clark
He is a wonderful entertainer. I could watch him every night.

This is a very good show and difficult to perform while moving we liked it a lot and hope you will have this team again.

Jeff Allen
In addition to great shows, Jorgos was extremely kind to my two sons after his performances and in the ships lobby. He was a highlight of our trip, and I would love to see him on future cruises.

David and Tracy
The best Magician show I have ever seen!!!!

Thank you for the MagicMania DVD. That show was awesome!!! I was sitting there thinking ‘How the heck did he do that?’ My favourite trick was the ring rope pin.

Richard Bacon

Great with the crowd!!!!
His tricks were fun to watch and learn. He´s a pleaser and a great entertainer. We loved him, couldn’t get enough. Thanks.